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Jul 24th, '12, 19:24
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Re: Where did you learn your brewing techniques?

by needaTEAcher » Jul 24th, '12, 19:24

I'd like to see that movie. Bodhi Darhma is my "patron saint". Do you remember the title?

I haven't seen any black tea here. Mostly I spend my tea time in puerh/yixing shops. The puerh culture is pretty similiar to what I know of Chinese tea culture, though the company I frequent uses special Korean cups that are larger (the fill the whole hand) and that have iron-heavy glazes to soften the tea. They also sell and serve some fresh oolongs and aged oolongs.

I did study Korean green tea ceremony from a master here, recommended by Tim (thanks again Tim-she is amazing!), and learned a lot about the more formal side of things, including the Korean tea set. It was pretty different than I understand Chinese tea to be, both more formal and less formal in different areas. Lots of fun though! Check this link to see my brief description: ... ead#unread

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