Dec 20th, '12, 05:30
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Legal requirements for listing ingredients?

by mokie » Dec 20th, '12, 05:30

Does anyone know what the legal requirements are for listing ingredients in teas?

I was burned twice this weekend by unlisted herbal ingredients to which I'm allergic, but which were only listed on company websites as "natural flavoring". It got me wondering how common that practice is in the industry, and if it's legally kosher.

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Dec 20th, '12, 08:19
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Re: Legal requirements for listing ingredients?

by battra » Dec 20th, '12, 08:19

To answer that, it is probably necessary to know which country you are in, and what ingredient that is causing this issue.

I think that it is legal in all countries to just write "flavoring/aroma" instead of specifying every ingredient, at least for aroma compounds that are in some list of approved substances.
If something can cause problems for many allergic people, there might be some requirement to print a warning.

Dec 21st, '12, 06:27
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Re: Legal requirements for listing ingredients?

by mokie » Dec 21st, '12, 06:27

I'm in the US, and I'm wondering about added flowers, leaves, and similar--not flavoring compounds spritzed onto or mixed into the tea, but whole flowers and petals added in.

For instance, I usually try to avoid chamomile, because it's related to ragweed and can cause me the same misery. Are manufacturers/sellers required to list chamomile as an ingredient in their blend, or do whole flowers/petals fall under the vague umbrella of 'natural flavors'?

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