Small Burps from Green Tea

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Apr 28th, '13, 16:18
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Small Burps from Green Tea

by bambooforest » Apr 28th, '13, 16:18

I've noticed something strange that I experience from some Chinese green teas.

The second after I take a first sip, a small burp happens (or just the feeling that my stomach/sound that my stomach has been unsettled. It's like a slight unsettling of the stomach. And it continues to happen while I consume the tea.

I don't experience this from Japanese green teas (which I brew with more leaf) and I don't experience this from all Chinese green teas, but with many I do.

If this is just some strange reaction that has no bearing on health: I can live with it. However, if it's an indication of excessive pesticides or the tea being produced in unsanitary conditions, then I have a problem.

But since I've experienced this phenomenon from various Chinese greens, I doubt it's a pesticide issue. However, it could be a sanitary issue.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon with Chinese greens and does anyone have any theories on it?