Places to buy tea/equipment in Taipei?

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Aug 20th, '13, 17:04
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Places to buy tea/equipment in Taipei?

by Hmm » Aug 20th, '13, 17:04

Hi, not sure where to post this, but I have some family members visiting Taipei in the next few days. Does anyone have any recommendations where to buy tea and equipment in Taipei or Alishan? I'm looking to add some more yixing pots to my collection, as well as buy some sniffer cups, etc.


Aug 20th, '13, 22:08
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Re: Places to buy tea/equipment in Taipei?

by genushumanusalice » Aug 20th, '13, 22:08

When I was in Taipei last year I made the trip out to Yingge which is a pottery district and wasn't too far by train (maybe an hour at most?). I only speak english and managed it on my own but would recommend having something like a smart phone with gps maps. There is a ceramics museum nearby too which is really worth the trip.

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