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Aug 11th, '06, 17:55
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Music + tea

by Galsooth » Aug 11th, '06, 17:55

Hey everyone, When I drink tea i generally like to relax with it and I was wondering if anyone could reccomend music to listen to while drinking tea, like relaxing or calm music, thank you.

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Aug 11th, '06, 19:40
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by peachaddict » Aug 11th, '06, 19:40

Well, here's a thread about it. It was kinda short, but it's a start: Music for tea. Personally, I've got a Hawaiian slack key guitar CD that's perfect and another CD that's Gerald Jay Markoe's Zen Meditations. It all depends on your tastes.

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Aug 12th, '06, 01:14
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by studio271 » Aug 12th, '06, 01:14

I can suggest a few music labels to try (my personal favorite tea-listening artists in parentheses)... many of these have songs/albums available for download from their websites:

n5md (SubtractiveLAD, Tim Koch, Loess):

M3rck (MD, Secede, Mr. Projectile):

City Centre Offices (Arovane, Ulrich Schnauss, Yasume):

Morr Music (ISAN, B. Fleischmann, múm, Phonem):

Toytronic (Gimmik, Abfahrt Hinwil):

... and, of course, the big one:

Warp Records (Autechre, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Red Snapper, Plaid, Boards of Canada):

...yeah... you've basically asked everyone here what their favorite music was, sorry.. :-P
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Aug 12th, '06, 11:40
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by Al » Aug 12th, '06, 11:40

I find a nice cup of chamomile goes quite well with any number of Slayer records.


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Aug 13th, '06, 09:02
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by filiagro » Aug 13th, '06, 09:02

I like listening to electronica dance music while drinking tea. Or some symphonic songs.

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Aug 19th, '06, 15:10
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by teaspoon » Aug 19th, '06, 15:10

Ooh, good question... I generally like to listen to Sting's album Ten Summoner's Tales while relaxing with tea, because it's very relaxing and very imaginative. Also a good choice (and a bit longer) is the soundtrack to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Anything by Blackmore's Night works well too. As you can tell, I like to stimulate my imagination while I relax. :D


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Aug 25th, '06, 12:06
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by Madam Potts » Aug 25th, '06, 12:06

I guess it all depends on what music you like and what tea you like. I mean, I like a happening tea/tisane blend and jazz...but green tea and Enya could be your thing....or Peppermint tea and Nora Jones...

But if it were me, I'll take the chill jazz and a jazzy brew

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Aug 25th, '06, 12:19
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by klemptor » Aug 25th, '06, 12:19

I don't have specific music for tea - I drink tea (either hot or iced) pretty much all day. I tend to match my music more to the weather.

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