Tea blending

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Oct 16th, '13, 12:43
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Tea blending

by Drax » Oct 16th, '13, 12:43

I was wondering if anybody knew of any good sources on the topic of tea blending? I'm interested in reading more about the topic in two areas: 1) the blending of unflavored teas (for example blending pu'erh from different regions or different years in order to balance the result) and 2) the blending of flavored teas (for example, things like "monk's blend" and such).

I have a feeling that the first area is probably more in the realm of verbal, or hands-on, knowledge and that probably not much is written.

Any ideas?

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Oct 16th, '13, 13:38
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Re: Tea blending

by Teaism » Oct 16th, '13, 13:38

It is a wide topic which will attract big audience with colorful experiences to share.

I toyed with these idea occasionally. E.g blend Manzhuang with Youle to simulate Yiwu. Also tried blending Beidou with TLH and RG to simulate DHP. You can blend old and young Puer or even Sheng to Shou. My secret of enhancing Shou is by blending a few leaves of Sheng and ....wallah...the Shou taste real good.

Blending is more like free cooking without recipes until you find the right concoction.

Anyway, it is a wide topic and many teachatters here definitely got more to share.


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Oct 17th, '13, 09:41
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Re: Tea blending

by Evan Draper » Oct 17th, '13, 09:41

Well shucks, you can just scoot on down to Atlanta next week and take STI's Level 4 blending class! Assuming you've already shelled out the thousands of dollars to complete Levels 1, 2 & 3 and have a few hundred more....

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