Firsdt Tea?

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Nov 29th, '13, 10:23
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Firsdt Tea?

by Evan Draper » Nov 29th, '13, 10:23

An email from them showed up in my inbox--apparently it's the US division of "Zhejiang Tea Group Co., Ltd." located in New Castle, Delaware. I'm not buying any tea from them, but I'm just wondering where they got my email address. I'm guessing World Tea Media, Tea Magazine, or some other such creeps sold it to them. But I do know a guy I used to drink with down there--would be cool to think he got himself a tea job finally....

Jan 14th, '14, 08:54
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Re: Firsdt Tea?

by DawnM » Jan 14th, '14, 08:54

Hello Evan. Tea magazine is committed to your right to privacy and security. We take precaution to keep your personal information secure. We do not sell or rent any personal information you provide to or Tea Magazine to third parties. In the case of contests or similar promotions that necessitate disclosing personally identifiable information with third parties we will disclose such potential use to you and request your consent at the time this information is collected. These statements can be viewed on our website, here -

Have a wonderful day.

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Jan 14th, '14, 22:19
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Re: Firsdt Tea?

by kikula » Jan 14th, '14, 22:19

There's a little app called Disconnect that blocks trackers (not info-sharers of course) - also unobtrusively lets you know how many it's blocking at each site. Only one following me into TeaChat, BTW. I've been running it smoothly for some time, seems to speed things up a bit as well. I'm info-gatherer averse and prudent but now get spam from various tea outfits I've never heard of - could be any of numerous sources - but at least they can't follow me around.
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Jan 15th, '14, 15:36
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Re: Firsdt Tea?

by William » Jan 15th, '14, 15:36

kikula wrote:"I'm a grandmother, young fool."

Hahahaha!! :lol: :lol:

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Jan 16th, '14, 12:34
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Re: Firsdt Tea?

by MEversbergII » Jan 16th, '14, 12:34

Delaware? Never would have guessed.


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