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Dec 16th, '13, 13:02
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Hong Kong Style Milk Tea Blend - getting it right

by MEversbergII » Dec 16th, '13, 13:02

So I have a house party coming up this weekend, and I'm thinking about serving tea.

Unfortunately, my teaware is woefully ill-equipped for making any substantial quantity in any reasonable amount of time, so I got the idea that maybe I could try a tea-based recipe instead. Thoughts turned towards Hong Kong style milk tea.

I have selected this for two reasons: I know there's a local shop that sells both Pu'er and Assam (Metropolitan tea company, unfortunately), and because I know you can make this stuff pretty acceptably using a stove-top pot and a sackcloth.

So step one: What blending ratio is the norm between the black and pu'er teas in this type?