Mar 17th, '14, 01:57
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miang, Thai tea for eating +/or chewing

by ethan » Mar 17th, '14, 01:57

Finally, tried miang. There is a village not too far away from the city of Chiangmai that is devoted to growing tea and using it for this "treat" and to stuff pillows.
There are a few choices for the stuffing: one can have salty or sweet, etc. The once common use of betal for a chewing preparation (that Jayink might like) is not so common. I chose an edible variety presenting a few flavors together.
It was not disgusting, but not for me. Very chewy & w/ predominant taste of tea.
After this and tea chocolates earlier in the year, I tea is for drinking only (for me).

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Mar 17th, '14, 04:06
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Re: miang, Thai tea for eating +/or chewing

by jayinhk » Mar 17th, '14, 04:06


That sounds very interesting! I had no idea they chewed tea up north. I will have to check that out at some point!

Yes, I do like chewing betel, but I find in Thailand it's easier to source through the Nepalese community since they have their own guys making it and delivering it. Got some through the Nepalese vendors in Phuket a few years ago when they were getting their delivery (2-3x a day they get it delivered to their stalls) and they were very amused, and gave me betel smiles. lol

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Mar 17th, '14, 05:00
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Re: miang, Thai tea for eating +/or chewing

by Tead Off » Mar 17th, '14, 05:00

The best tea eating for me was in Myanmar where pickled tea leaves adorn most tables. I haven't seen this elsewhere. In Northern Thailand, around Mae Salong, the Yunnanese restaurants serve Tea Salad which is okay, but the pickled stuff is my favorite.

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