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Apr 23rd, '14, 20:38
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Need Interviewee for a Gong Fu Cha Based Project for School

by Jspigs » Apr 23rd, '14, 20:38

I am currently working on a Gong Fu Cha based project for my college Critical Thinking class. One of the requirements is an interview. Naturally I thought to ask here.

The project is about the Gong Fu Cha brewing method, more specifically the authenticity of claims calling it an ancient tradition. I have read pretty convincing arguments claiming both that it is an ancient tradition throughout China and that it is not an ancient tradition save for in one city. I am planning to use the interview to get an expert's opinion on the matter.

In terms of the qualifications for an interviewee, they are not strict. An interviewee does not need to have a degree in tea brewing or anything like that, they just need to consider themselves knowledgeable in the area and have a decent reason to feel so. An example of a decent reason would be if someone has been a tea drinker for years and has studied the history of tea brewing thoroughly. A serious tea hobbyist who likes learning about the history of tea and tea brewing and has thus acquired a large amount of knowledge on the topic is basically what I am looking for.

The questions shouldn't be too difficult or time consuming as they are just about if Gong Fu Cha is traditional or not and why there may be confusion about how traditional it is. I will also be asking for some very basic demographic information from the interviewee. This information would be nothing more than the name, gender, and age of the interviewee. This information as well as the answers to the other questions will be collected via PM and will not be shared outside of the classroom where the finished project will be presented, nor will it include the username of the interviewee. An example of how this information may be presented is: "John Smith is a man in his 30's who has been drinking tea for ten years and has pursued an interest in the history of tea brewing for the past five years."

If anyone is interested in helping me out, please PM me and include in the PM your tea-credentials. I will then PM you the interview questions for you to answer and return via PM. Due to a delay outside of my control, I am short on time to complete this project. I am therefore asking that anyone interested PM me by Monday April 28th at the latest, I realise that is not a lot of time but it is all can provide due to the previously mentioned delay.

If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me or ask in this thread.