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Jun 10th, '14, 09:10
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Have to Brag on My Wife...

by toasterburn » Jun 10th, '14, 09:10

Today is my birthday, and my wife got me this cool tea mug from a local artist, and made me a cup of Oolong and brought it to me in bed this morning. Great wife!


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Jun 10th, '14, 10:22
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Re: Have to Brag on My Wife...

by Poseidon » Jun 10th, '14, 10:22

Now thats a wife! :lol:

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Jun 10th, '14, 10:28
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Re: Have to Brag on My Wife...

by Chip » Jun 10th, '14, 10:28

Happy Birthday toasterburn!

You share your birthday with my soulmate ... my wife.

Nice mug, congratulations.

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