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Oct 27th 06 6:49 pm
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Tea Books/Magazines

by earlgreyrooibos » Oct 27th 06 6:49 pm

Hi Guys!

I know the internet is well and good, but I'm also looking for some print sources about tea, its history, etc. I already have the Adagio book, of course. :D What books (or magazines) about tea do you reccomend?

Oct 30th 06 1:13 am
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by Amanda » Oct 30th 06 1:13 am

The two books I am reading about Tea right now are:

The Book of Coffee and Tea, 2nd ed.
by Joel, David and Karl Schapira


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Coffee and Tea
by Travis Arndorfer and Kristine Hansen

Both are surprisingly thorough on the subject of tea, although they also feature coffee. The Complete Idiot's Guide is better than I expected.

Of course, I am still new to the world of tea, and I'm sure many will have other suggestions - but these have been great places to start.