Brewing tea without hot water

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Jun 20th, '15, 10:21
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Brewing tea without hot water

by mganz42 » Jun 20th, '15, 10:21

I'm traveling all summer and I didn't have space in my bags for my kettle, and I don't have any way to get hot water. So I'm looking for a couple teas that will make a decent cold brew. Any recommendations?

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Jun 20th, '15, 11:32
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Re: Brewing tea without hot water

by debunix » Jun 20th, '15, 11:32

My favorite teas for cold brews are sencha, and 'green' oolongs, especially Taiwanese mountain oolongs.

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Jun 20th, '15, 15:44
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Re: Brewing tea without hot water

by William » Jun 20th, '15, 15:44

San Nen Bancha is delicious brewed with cold water!

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Jun 20th, '15, 17:57
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Re: Brewing tea without hot water

by wyardley » Jun 20th, '15, 17:57

I would use something not too expensive, but still good enough that you feel safe drinking it, especially without rinsing.

Jun 29th, '15, 18:54
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Re: Brewing tea without hot water

by Curtis » Jun 29th, '15, 18:54

Gun powder tea is very good cold brewed..

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Aug 2nd, '15, 12:13
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Re: Brewing tea without hot water

by the_winding_path » Aug 2nd, '15, 12:13

I've been brewing Gyokuro with room temp water as I ran across a site that recommended a first steep (prep for the real infusion) with room temp water. I experimented with multiple infusions and find that it keeps the bitter and astringent compounds to a minimum. I think Gyokuro is perfect for traveling. Been brewing it wherever the mood strikes in Japan and now Taiwan. 60°C is the max recommended for it and a lot of places say 40° is ideal. I think it somewhat depends on if you want a little bitter in later infusions or wqnt to minimize them throughout all extractions.

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