How To Revive Moldy Tea

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Jul 28th, '15, 03:16
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How To Revive Moldy Tea

by chittychat » Jul 28th, '15, 03:16

I had a Liu An (Puerh) tea which started to smell and the brew to taste moldy.
I did not want to discard it since it was still a good amount left.

So I washed the tea with ice cold water to remove any mold spores. Ice cold in order that the tea will not start a brewing.

After shaking-off the excess water I heated the tea under steady stirring in a cast iron frying pan order to remove any remaining water.

Then as a final step fully dried the tea under a hot sun.

Result, excellent. Tea as fresh and tasty as it only should be. Not a trace of mold can be detected.

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Jul 28th, '15, 04:24
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Re: How To Revive Moldy Tea

by kyarazen » Jul 28th, '15, 04:24

nice!! :D

Aug 19th, '15, 11:54
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Re: How To Revive Moldy Tea

by ClarG » Aug 19th, '15, 11:54

I'm glad this worked for you; but I personally would have just thrown the tea away even though it was pu-erh since it was mouldy.

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