Sep 8th, '15, 04:53
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The bitter story behind some of our teas…

by Bok » Sep 8th, '15, 04:53

As just seen on BBC this morning:

It’s about the appalling conditions of workers in the Assam region’s tea plantations. More specifically in estates that supply global brands like Tetley, Yorkshire tea and Fortnum&Mason among others.

Glad that the conditions here on the tea farms of Taiwan is by far not as bad, so I can drink my Oolong with a slightly better conscience… another good reason not to buy the big corporations teas.

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Sep 15th, '15, 05:49
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Re: The bitter story behind some of our teas…

by lilly007chang » Sep 15th, '15, 05:49

Also saw that news and felt shocked ...
I am happy that the conditions of Chinese tea pickers are much better although they are very busy during tea season,unique and funny that for some Chinese tea such as ancient Pu erh trees or Lapsang souchong trees,the pickers need to stand on the tree/ladder to pick up tree leaves,one tree needs 3-5 days to finish picking per person.
I would think of and thank them in the heart when I taste these great tea.

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