Best teabag tea

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Sep 24th, '15, 13:43
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Best teabag tea

by armormaniac » Sep 24th, '15, 13:43

There's a lot of brands and variety's out there and wanted to know if anyone here has experience with this kind of tea.

I know teabag tea isn't the best option but I'm going to be gone for 2 weeks without my full arsenal of loose leaf tea and pots. I mainly drink Green, Oolong and Herbal teas.

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Sep 24th, '15, 18:09
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Re: Best teabag tea

by Mrs. Chip » Sep 24th, '15, 18:09

Why not fill your own bags with your teas? Chip and I do it all the time as needed, or we buy sencha in bags from O-Cha. :idea:

Sep 24th, '15, 21:44
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Re: Best teabag tea

by armormaniac » Sep 24th, '15, 21:44

You know I actually decided that I'm able to take some of my herbal tea and a tea ball with me. I would put my tea in my own teabags but unfortunately I don't have any.

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Sep 30th, '15, 14:47
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Re: Best teabag tea

by NateHevens » Sep 30th, '15, 14:47

I actually like Celestial Seasonings Sleepy Time line. It's not bad at all.

Then again, I can also make it myself, using looseleaf herbal flowers and such, so...

That's the thing about teabag tea. Every time you find a really good teabag, all you have to do is look at the ingredients and then you can basically make it yourself using higher quality looseleaf, and in the long run that will be cheaper. So why go with a teabag when you can go with looseleaf?

Sep 30th, '15, 20:32
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Re: Best teabag tea

by ClarG » Sep 30th, '15, 20:32

Probably Stash brand tea.

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Oct 5th, '15, 21:14
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Re: Best teabag tea

by Frisbeehead » Oct 5th, '15, 21:14

Taylors of Harrogate and Yorkshire Gold are the teas that got me interested in trying loose leaf originally. They remain my go-to for cold mornings when I feel like having English/Scottish Breakfast or Earl Grey.

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