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Nov 18th 15 3:25 pm
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by armormaniac » Nov 18th 15 3:25 pm

So I got some teabags from Mountain Rose Herbs to use for my herbal teas. I have quite a few kyusu's that I use for teas that probably don't need one. Like Bancha, Ancient forest, Kukicha, I want to simplify my collection a bit after realizing I'm part a small group of people who have over 6 of these kind of teapots.

So what do you guys think about the viability of using teabags for these kinds of teas instead of using a Kyusu?

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Nov 18th 15 5:59 pm
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Re: Teabags

by plant partaker » Nov 18th 15 5:59 pm

Honestly, I wouldn't waste use the teabags for Japanese green teas. Unless you want them for traveling and stuff like that. Also the delicate flavors of the Japanese green teas are something I would feel would be lost in a tea bag. However I never had it in a tea bag.

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Dec 15th 15 6:52 pm
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Re: Teabags

by Fuut » Dec 15th 15 6:52 pm

Its up to you. If you take the tea from a package and then put in a bag, i highly doubt the significance.

Basically if you want to you should.

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Dec 16th 15 4:32 pm
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Re: Teabags

by debunix » Dec 16th 15 4:32 pm

I can think of 2 arguments against teabags:

(1) they're often filled with low-quality teas--obviously this doesn't apply if you're filling your own

(2) the leaves can't expand fully and will infuse less evenly--this depends on how big the bag is compared to the volume of leaves. Lots of people like to fill their little yixings with oolongs and puerhs so that the fully wetted leaves expand and nearly pop the top off the pot, but if you've got bigger bags and teas that aren't generally brewed to fill the pot, you're probably fine with bags.

Still, I'd rather rinse a kyusu than wash a reusable tea bag, or throw a non-reusable bag away.

Dec 16th 15 4:42 pm
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Re: Teabags

by thirst » Dec 16th 15 4:42 pm

If you already have them, why don’t you just try it out and see if you can taste a difference?

Bought some disposable tea bags for making milk tea with cheap CTC tea, cream, and sugar, and they work well enough for this. Tried the tea bags with a green tea for kicks, won’t do that again. But there are probably also better tea bags than the ones I bought.

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Dec 16th 15 5:29 pm
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Re: Teabags

by kuánglóng » Dec 16th 15 5:29 pm

The only situations where I'd need something of that sort would be on the road and then I'd prefer a removable strainer basket any day of the week. Something like this:
http://theteahouse.com/images/tea-infus ... -2-850.jpg