Jan 13th, '16, 16:07
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What brand/kind of tea is this?

by ems296 » Jan 13th, '16, 16:07

I was given some tea recently, which turned out to be quite delicious. However, I cannot tell who makes the tea because they are foreign brands - I suspect Chinese. Can anyone (looking at the attached pictures) tell me who makes this tea and what kind of tea it might be?
Chinese tea canister
1.jpg (6.76 KiB) Viewed 468 times
Jasmine tea but not sure what brand
2.jpg (8.78 KiB) Viewed 468 times
Top of jasmine tea container
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Jan 13th, '16, 16:24
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Re: What brand/kind of tea is this?

by thirst » Jan 13th, '16, 16:24

The Chinese characters on the first canister say líshān gāoshān chá, as in Li mountain high mountain tea, an oolong from Taiwan

With the characters on the second canister it’s a bit hard to tell because of JPEG compression but I’m pretty sure it just says Jasmine (mòlì)

Jan 14th, '16, 04:11
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Re: What brand/kind of tea is this?

by Bok » Jan 14th, '16, 04:11

For the Lishan it also worth noting that in Taiwan names on tea packaging are rather generic. Gaoshan cha is lower quality Oolong without specific origin.

Lishan gaoshan suggests already a better quality, but not necessarily from Lishan mountain itself. Rather used as a denotation of quality than origin.
If it is a real Lishan, then the quality should be rather good, better than an average Taiwan oolong.

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