Tea with best aroma!

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Jan 14th 16 2:36 pm
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Tea with best aroma!

by Badi » Jan 14th 16 2:36 pm



I want to buy tea which origin of China, and I want that tea be with
The best aroma!
Please recommend me a few kind of tea with that characteristic!
Which tea of India has the best aroma?
Which tea of others countries has the best aroma?
How many infusions I can use of that tea?
Where I can buy that tea with lowest price per Internet?


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Jan 15th 16 12:42 pm
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Tea with best aroma!

by prezeus » Jan 15th 16 12:42 pm

What is best for you it may not be the best for others.

But I can share the names of the kinds of teas I drink the most.

Jin Jun Mei is one of my regular basis tea. Is a type of Chinese black tea. I also enjoy medium/light roasted Da Hong Pao which is under the oolong tea category.

I like also young Sheng Puerh for its freshness. And once a year in Spring I buy fresh green tea.

I hope it helps

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Jan 17th 16 4:40 pm
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Re: Tea with best aroma!

by miig » Jan 17th 16 4:40 pm

Hi Badi,

your question may be too general to be answered. Its like you ask: Which is the best dish in the world? My young niece will say Pizza, her brother prefers French Fries and his father a steak. I will take a well-made Dhaal over all of them.
Who is right? Impossible to say. Its the same with tea, you'll have to try some and choose for yourself.

You could start by trying one or two good green teas, Oolongs and black teas. Other tea types are good, too, but the ones I mentioned are often rich in aroma.

And as always, you should not spend too much, but also not too little. You can get 1kg green tea for 5$, but this will be awful tea. There are many good vendors for tea, and some not so good ones :) It depends...

Do you live in a big city? Maybe there is a good tea store in your vincinity where you can talk to the people? If not, you can check out the vendor guide of teachat, just pick a shop, and try some things...

Good luck and have fun!