North American Tea Competition

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Mar 16th 16 12:43 pm
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North American Tea Competition

by Drax » Mar 16th 16 12:43 pm

I hadn't really paid much attention to the competition arena before, but it came up in other conversations recently...

In particular, the tastings for 'hot tea' were apparently at the end of February, with the results just announced: ... ID=1063831

First, I noticed nothing scored 90 or above, which is interesting. Second, I wondered how many entries there were (a lot of the same names cropped up repeatedly... made me wonder if that was a sign of solid entries, or of few total entries... given that there's only 1 Darjeeling item listed, kinda made me think the latter). Also, it looks like they won't award 1st place if it doesn't rank at least 80, which is also interesting.

Anyway, this was all new to me. I was curious if anybody knew more about it, had experience with any of the teas, etc.