"Bad" Tea You Secretly Love!

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Apr 24th, '17, 12:21
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Re: "Bad" Tea You Secretly Love!

by abnyc » Apr 24th, '17, 12:21

Twinings Earl Grey - the only non-herbal bags I still hang on to.

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Apr 24th, '17, 22:42
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Re: "Bad" Tea You Secretly Love!

by chrl42 » Apr 24th, '17, 22:42

I like to drink those old school high-fired Chaozhou style Yancha (seadyke, yao-yang, man-ting, yong-sheng etc)

What's worse..I like Beijing-style jasmine tea :D ..(Zhang Yi Yuan, Wu Yu Tai, Jing-hua, Zheng-xing-de etc)...I mean price-wise...actually they are 'very' old tea companies that pleased locals for decades and a century, quite melted in their culture

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Apr 25th, '17, 01:02
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Re: "Bad" Tea You Secretly Love!

by Teasenz » Apr 25th, '17, 01:02

A strongly roasted black tea, because I like the resulting 'caramel' like flavour, even though such a method is often used to cover up for the not so good natural taste.

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Apr 25th, '17, 02:18
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Re: "Bad" Tea You Secretly Love!

by Arkose » Apr 25th, '17, 02:18

Y'know. Those sweet desert teas with chocolate chips and dried strawberries and/or flavouring oils. I don't really have much shame.

And any nice earl grey. Both good in the morning when I'm half awake.

Apr 25th, '17, 02:23
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Re: "Bad" Tea You Secretly Love!

by Ofek Nagar » Apr 25th, '17, 02:23

Wissotzky's Masala Chai teabag - with brown sugar and almond milk....
It's so badddd but so yummyyy!! :D :D

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