Anyone drink strong tea?

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Dec 13th 06 1:09 am
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Anyone drink strong tea?

by maxman » Dec 13th 06 1:09 am

My son-in-law is from London and he's been drinking tea all his life. He routinely uses two Lipton tea bags per cup of tea.
I tried using 1/8 cup or a little more of Yunnan Jig per pot of tea. I use one of the small white pots that Adagio sells. I think you get about 20 oz. per pot.
This comes out really good tasting. It's so dark I cannot see the bottom of the cup. Hasn't been bitter, either.
Anyone else do this?

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Dec 13th 06 1:16 am
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by Chip » Dec 13th 06 1:16 am

...ah, tea I never tried that, although in the preparation of many teas such as oolong, a large amount of leaf is commonly used but for shorter steeps.

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Dec 19th 06 9:36 pm
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by jogrebe » Dec 19th 06 9:36 pm

Only with cooked puerh which results in a smooth and thick drink that isn't bitter.

Jan 24th 07 6:54 am
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by kimber45acp » Jan 24th 07 6:54 am

I love strong teas especially black tea. My usual dose is about 2 or 3 teaspoons per cup which I steep with boiling water for about 6 to 7 minutes. I really happen to like the flavor of black teas at that strength. It particularly goes well with milk and sugar too. Mostly I drink Assam, English Breakfast and Darjeeling.