Turning to tea

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Jan 4th 07 2:13 am
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Turning to tea

by sweet_pea » Jan 4th 07 2:13 am

Hi!! I am a life long coffee-holic and I am going tea! I'm tired of how coffee makes me feel and I am ready for a change. Does anyone have any favorites they would like to share?

Glad to be here and embarking on this very interesting journey!!

Bought my first Ingenuitea and I love it!


Jan 5th 07 2:22 pm
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by lenny7 » Jan 5th 07 2:22 pm

Sweet_pea, I'm in the same situation your in. About a month ago I started drinking tea...heavily. Two weeks ago I quit drinking coffee. I used to drink very strong, black coffee and thought tea was just hot, dark water, until I tried some loose tea at my mom's place.

I usually start my day drinking stronger black teas, such as one of the Assams or Keemuns. By afternoon I'm enjoying an oolong or two, such as the Oooh Darjeeling (which I pronounce "Oh Darling" for some reason). In the evening I'll have the Apricot Green, the White Peach or the Jasmine #12.

The first tea I had a month ago was a spiced black tea and I like it right away. Every other time I try a new tea, though, I typically don't care for it right away, but after a couple days I find my self craving it. This was especially true for the green & white teas, as well as the Jasmine #12. I had to force myself to drink Jasmine #12 the first time I brewed it, but a week later I was craving it and now it's one of my favorites.

I guess my point is...as you experiment and try different teas, don't let your first impression be your last. Try it again after a while. I find my taste for teas is developing and the more I drink, the more I can detect the different flavors and nuances in each tea. The White Peach tea was just a very slightly flavored hot water to me when I first tried it but now I savor every drop.

Enjoy the journey into tea, and let us know what you find that you like! The sampler tins here at Adagio are priced very well and are pretty generous.