Consistent Brewing?

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Apr 22nd 18 1:22 am
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Consistent Brewing?

by RobWarren » Apr 22nd 18 1:22 am

One of my ongoing frustrations in tea is consistency in brewing. I find it frustrating that I can use the same volume of the same water at the same temperature with the same amount of tea brewed for the same amount of time in the same vessel and get quite different results from day to day.

So my question is, is this just part of the game? Or is there something that I am missing that will allow me to consistently brew tea day in and day out?

I've brewed raw puerhs that just blew me away. Did all the same stuff the next day and the results were just average. My question in not limited to raw puerhs, but that seems to be where I have the most unexplained variations.

Thanks all!

Apr 24th 18 9:19 am
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Re: Consistent Brewing?

by 12Tea » Apr 24th 18 9:19 am

It could be that you've eaten something before the tea session, which is affecting your taste buds? It could be good to eat something neutral like nuts and crackers, and drink a little bit of water before your tea session.

Apr 25th 18 11:02 pm
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Re: Consistent Brewing?

by RobWarren » Apr 25th 18 11:02 pm

I'll see if I can tie the difference to something I've eaten recently. Not sure if that explains it but appreciate the suggestion.

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May 3rd 18 4:00 am
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Re: Consistent Brewing?

by imkvn » May 3rd 18 4:00 am

There are too many variables to try to isolate.

From my experience the best steeps come from a freshly opened vacuum sealed tea. It seems that the ambient air changes and oxidates the tea. Tins and caddies are good but vacuum seems to be superior. This does not apply to puerth tea as you want fermentation.

Control of heat and steep time are important also as they are related. I find it better to use high heat and short steeps to be the best for me. Most tea shops use slightly lower heat and little longer steeps.

Tea pots and gaiwan and various vessels influence taste also. Thinner walls and less porous materials are suitable for lighter teas. Darker teas can handle more heat and porous materials in general. Gaiwan is more constant in taste. Pots will round out flavors of you know how to use them.

Water matters also. Spring water to me taste the best. To me the mineral content enhances flavor. Distilled water is neutral. All other methods give inconsistent tastes and flavors.

How the tea is rolled determines heat, steeps and time. Tightly rolled balled tea can withstand hotter temps and more steeps. While lesser rolled teas can only withstand a couple of steeps and like lower temps.

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