When do you drink your tea?

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May 9th 18 9:24 pm
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When do you drink your tea?

by dunaboy » May 9th 18 9:24 pm

I have always liked tea, but recently started drinking some better quality and more frequently. I usually drink twice a day: Once when I get into work at around 9am, I make one infusion of a Darjeeling and have it with some pastry, and second time, at around 3 or 4 pm, I do multiple infusions of some oolong or green tea. The problem, I realise, is that sometimes I get too much caffeine, and then have a problem sleeping at night.

I think, it would be ideal to have multiple infusions in the morning, but it seems like a lot of time, and somehow I cannot imagine myself getting up one hour earlier because of that, or devote myself to a tea ritual every day right after getting into work. Not that I could not afford it, my work is not particularly busy, but somehow I feel that, primarily, I am not going there for drinking tea. Also, I prefer to drink my tea in peace, not reading emails and thinking about what needs to get done during the day.

Except for pu-erh, most tea is not recommended after lunch at least half or one hour, but to me personally, it feels best after 2 hours. Maybe it has to do with the fact that in East-Central Europe, we tend to have some proper lunch (soup + main course), not just some sandwich or snacks, as in the West. So it takes a bit of time till I digest, and then end up drinking my tea at around 3-4pm, and being alert at home in the evenings.

So my question is whether you drink multiple infusion on a daily bases? If yes, then how do you manage to harmonise it with a modern 9-5 working life?

May 25th 18 12:37 am
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Re: When do you drink your tea?

by DrJacoby » May 25th 18 12:37 am

I've been drinking tea first thing in the morning gong fu style for 10+ years! For me, it works well, since it starts my day with a caffeine boost, and allows me to have a full tea session without worrying about taking my equipment to work, etc. I get up about 6 to arrive at work at 9, and it takes about an hour--I do often work it around things like making my lunch for the day, lifting weights, etc., which fits in well between infusions, but I guess doesn't necessarily make for the most psychologically devoted experience, but after many years of tea drinking, I'm ok with that.

I find tea once a day is best for me, as then I don't find myself needing caffeine more and more to make it through the afternoon, though I do have an occasional "grandpa style" cup to power through the end of the day.