Tea culture in Poland

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Sep 3rd 18 4:23 am
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Tea culture in Poland

by john.b » Sep 3rd 18 4:23 am

This is definitely a miscellaneous topic; maybe a bit odd to be mentioning it after covering so much other ground in tea I didn't bring up here (like doing public tastings over the last few months).

I like the idea of exploring local tea culture in different places, but even related to vacationing somewhere contact with that is limited. You see some shops or cafes, notice what sells there and in grocery stores, and maybe talk with a couple people; that's about it.

Someone brought up the subject of tea culture in Poland in a tea group I admin for, and I noticed unusually high blog visitor traffic from there, so I looked into it. That local enthusiast, a small Warsaw shop owner, and the main Polish vendor provided input about tea history and current culture there for this.

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