Adding Tea to shampoo?

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Jan 13th 07 7:34 pm
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Adding Tea to shampoo?

by FairTaxGuy » Jan 13th 07 7:34 pm

Has anybody done this? I've thought about maybe brewing a strong concentrate of tea and mixing it into a shampoo and/or a conditioner.

Though I am curious about:

1.) How to mix the tea into the shampoo (&/or cond.) inside the bottle
2.) If the tea would stay fresh after being mixed with the shampoo (&/or cond.)

Jan 14th 07 8:40 pm
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by lenny7 » Jan 14th 07 8:40 pm

I'm curious as to why you would want to do this. What is the benefit?

Feb 16th 07 3:00 pm
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by earlgreyrooibos » Feb 16th 07 3:00 pm

I'm not sure the tea would stay fresh, is the problem. Maybe you could try making a small amount of tea and then mixing it into your shampoo on a per-wash basis?

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Feb 16th 07 5:44 pm
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by Space Samurai » Feb 16th 07 5:44 pm

I know that you can buy shampoo/conditioner with tea in it.

As to why anyone would do this, didn't you know, tea cures everything. If keep used tea leaves with your check book, it will even pay your bills for you.

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Feb 19th 07 9:41 am
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by EvenOdd » Feb 19th 07 9:41 am

Yeah, staying fresh isn't a concern when you're just dumping it on your head. My only concern would be tea stains. I hate to think what it'd be like to shampoo blonde hair and have it come out dirty blonde.

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Feb 24th 07 5:09 am
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by rabbit » Feb 24th 07 5:09 am

You can by tea extract from most herbal stores, just be careful it is very strong stuff.