Hoping for your opinion on Chai

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Sep 10th 20 12:57 am
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Hoping for your opinion on Chai

by kindnesswins » Sep 10th 20 12:57 am

Hello Tea Community!

There is so much passion and love for Tea here - it's a beautiful outlet to have to share ideas, opinions and knowledge - happy to be reading and learning, hopefully also sharing more soon, as well!

I am working on researching and gathering real world opinions on Chai, specifically tranditional Indian Chai (Black Tea from Assam, condensed milk, mix of spices) - I've created a google form, quick survey, and would be ever GRATEFUL if you have the time to share your feedback.


This information will not be shared, only used for my own research and understanding.

My name is Andrea and you're welcome to DM me here or at strengthinkindness222@gmail.com if you have further questions about this!

Thank you in advance for your feedback if you're willing!