I released a free tea mobile app

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Nov 6th 20 2:31 pm
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I released a free tea mobile app

by myteapal » Nov 6th 20 2:31 pm

Hi, I'm Vincent, a college senior at Duke University. I recently released a mobile app for tea enthusiasts, and I thought some of you might be interested in it. It's an all-in-one tea journal, tracker, and timer, available on iOS and Android for free. I made it for the tea community, and I hope it's a useful tool. Please let me know if you have any feedback. You can check it out at www.myteapal.com

More info about me: In 2016, I fell in love with tea and trained to be a certified tea art specialist in Chengdu, China. Upon coming to Duke in 2017, I started a tea club named Duke CommuniTEA. Over the past three years I've hosted around 100 tea related events, and more than 1000 people joined the club. I enjoy sharing my passion for tea and introducing tea culture to others.