The politics of tea

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Jul 7th 05 11:32 pm
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The politics of tea

by Mina » Jul 7th 05 11:32 pm

Does the tea industry have a shady underside like diamonds and sweat shops? I drink so much tea, I'd hate to think I was contributing to the exploitation of women in India or whatnot. I'm sure it varies by plantation, but the industry overall? Are there private farmers that do fair trade networks? Should I get off my lazy butt and look this stuff up myself?

Feb 28th 06 12:39 am

by Guest » Feb 28th 06 12:39 am

there is a shadey side in all industries. It all deals with work. When there is no work for the plantation, trouble begins. I normally do the goole search with news and tea. There is not too many sites and the worst I found are a couple instances when the tea managers open fire on the disgruntled workers. This is few and far between though. One is mentioned in the book Tea, Addiction, Exploitation and Empire. If you are that worried, there are a few plantations under the Fair Trade- Nigilri-Chamraj, and I believe Margret's Hope. I am not sure off hand if these are correct and am too tired right now to double check-the info is out there though