Jul 10th 05 1:35 pm
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Do tea rooms use psychic readers or mediums today?

by medium » Jul 10th 05 1:35 pm

Tea rooms used to use psychics to attract customers. I know there is one in New Orleans that still does. Has anyone thought of doing this today especially with all the new TV shows on the subject.

Aug 31st 05 3:36 pm
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by Savannah's » Aug 31st 05 3:36 pm

When we first opened, I booked a local Psychic Reader, and set him up in the front of the shop. Had done local advertising, and signage in-store a week in advance.

Net Benefit: Zilch. Only 2 peeps had a reading with him.

Net Detriment: Two customers, plus one of our servers, had a hard time with him being here, as they were devout Christians. Very offended!

Needless to say, there was no return engagement.

David Davenport
Savannah's Restaurant

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Sep 1st 05 7:57 pm
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I forsee tea for ye

by himthatwas » Sep 1st 05 7:57 pm

I think it could be made to work but only in a place that tends to be rather non-conformist. Most tea shops that I've been to would look quite silly with one. I wouldn't use it as a means to get customers into the store directly but as a means of advertising.

Say you have a store that has events occasionally, like coffee shops do with bands or poetry nights. When the event is going on most of the people in the shop will be there to see their friends show but what will make the shop memorable when they tell everyone about it is the psychic.