Tea class for beginners?

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Jul 23rd 05 8:04 pm

Tea class for beginners?

by Grace » Jul 23rd 05 8:04 pm

I've always liked to drink tea but now I want to start actually learning. I'm a yoga/pilates instructor & I was interested in starting a small tea club for our studio members. The problem is that I am not knowledgeable enough in tea to begin one & there is no one here who is.

Are there any online tea classes for beginners you can recommend? I would like to get a good strong background but at this point all i can make is sun tea & green tea. But I don't even know if I make these correctly. This is what most people drink here in south Texas. But I would love to teach our members to expand their tastes, to try and learn something new.

What can you recommend for me? I'm basically beginning from scratch.

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Jul 23rd 05 10:17 pm
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by PeteVu » Jul 23rd 05 10:17 pm


wonderful place to get the basics down, and learn a few interesting things along the way that make great small talk. Written by Chris, who you already know if youve tipptoed around this forum already.