Martial Arts, Tea, & Meditations

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Aug 15th 05 8:17 pm
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Martial Arts, Tea, & Meditations

by CFarley.dc » Aug 15th 05 8:17 pm

I've newly gotten into drinking tea (I gave up soda recently). I really like the site.

I recently started reading about Sun Tzu and the Art of War, and they talked about the use of Chinese Teas as a way to help with any physical tests like martial arts, or sports, or whatever.

Any recommendations on types of teas that could be used for that. I found one site that talks alot about meditations, martial arts, and teas. ... .php?cat=3

Any ideas about what I might want to try. Thoughts or help?
- Chris

Aug 19th 05 1:52 pm

by viettea » Aug 19th 05 1:52 pm

Hello Chris!
Teas give you health benefit, but you have to consistently drink tea like 2-3 cups a day for the rest of your life. It is not a miracle drug, don't buy into all the hype, that is how they get you to buy their tea. Every tea is good, but scientific researches show that green tea and white tea help fight cancer. Black tea fight bacteria that harm your teeth. Maybe other type of teas have not been study and research. If you want to be good at martial art and meditation then practice and practice. Some people try to build a hype that tea is good for meditation and martial art because monks drink tea. Sometime people fall to sleep when they meditate and the tea help them stay awake. I'm looking to import all kind of teas from VietNam, if you are interested I can give you an affordable price.

Hien Nguyen