Oct 20th, '05, 09:22

Looking for photographs of tea growing

by Thia McKann » Oct 20th, '05, 09:22

I am looking for photographs of tea growing in India, Sri Lanka, China and Japan. Do you know where I could find those. I want to put them on the walls of my tea shop.
Thank you

I can be reached at catmckann@houston.rr.com

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Oct 20th, '05, 10:27
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Tea Farm Photos

by Lana Y » Oct 20th, '05, 10:27

Have you looked at the ones Ilya has taken on the home page here. They are Awesome!

Oct 20th, '05, 12:11
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by ribex » Oct 20th, '05, 12:11

Google images search for 'tea field' yields lots of photos!


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