How to make good iced tea

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Dec 24th 05 7:44 pm
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How to make good iced tea

by djcool563 » Dec 24th 05 7:44 pm

Hello I am new to teas and i was wondering the best way to make iced tea. Do i make it hot first then put it into the fridge? Or is there other ways?

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Feb 15th 06 4:15 am
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by TeaFanatic » Feb 15th 06 4:15 am

The most common way to make iced tea is as follows:

Put double the amount of tea leaves you normally use in the infuser (So for example, for a 2 cup infuser, instead of putting in 2 tsps of a green tea, you would put in 4).

Next, steep as you normally would, in this case three minutes for the green tea.

Then dilute the tea by putting in an equal amount of cold water, in this case two cups. Then put in the refridgerator to enjoy at a later time!