How about SysCrusher's Cascara

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May 28th, '09, 06:29
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How about SysCrusher's Cascara

by Herb_Master » May 28th, '09, 06:29

Does this classify as an 'Other Tea'

see ... c&start=15

or let me quote him here
Speaking of tisanes (I guess that's what they are called). Not sure how many tea-people know of Cascara. It is a tea made from dried coffee cherries. It's quite lovely, sweet, reminiscent of dates/figs/raisins. A seriously big caffeine kick too.

Here's a video showing it:

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May 28th, '09, 13:54
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by tea-guy » May 28th, '09, 13:54

I'd check that as an'other' tea! :-)

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May 29th, '09, 23:53
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by sneakers » May 29th, '09, 23:53

Would that be coffee BEANS?

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