PG Tips or Tetley

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Jun 12th, '09, 09:27
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PG Tips or Tetley

by desperate dunc » Jun 12th, '09, 09:27

In my view PG tips with it's pyrimadical bag does accentuate the fine taste, but one cannot neglect the fine aroma of Tetley.

I am deploring other tea lovers to be forth with on their opinions.

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Jun 19th, '09, 19:55
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by depravitea » Jun 19th, '09, 19:55

I like both, and have both, and bring both to work with me, as well as Tazo, which I've really come to like a lot.

I switch up between Tips and Tetley because I get tired of drinking just one all day. Can't say I've ever burned out on Tazo though...

Jun 19th, '09, 20:46
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by Proinsias » Jun 19th, '09, 20:46

Pg Tips seem to get a better name for quality in Scotland at least. If Tetley is McDonalds then PG Tips is Burger King, the connoisseurs choice.

In 15 or so years of drinking tea I've never seen Tetley or Pg Tips, when drunk with milk, beat an own brand supermarket bag.

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Jun 20th, '09, 08:19
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by Riene » Jun 20th, '09, 08:19

We drink a fair amount of PG Tips here, as our "everyday" tea. I like it better than Tetley.

PG Tips Special Blend seems a bit stronger with more flavor but it's harder to find, especially here in the States.

Sep 7th, '09, 14:56
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Re: PG Tips or Tetley

by marlena » Sep 7th, '09, 14:56

I love PG Tips and never can find Tetly, so can't tell you. They're the only bags I use

Oct 14th, '09, 13:50
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Re: PG Tips or Tetley

by judyw » Oct 14th, '09, 13:50

I am another vote for PG Tips, just because my father swears by it.

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