Do you normally rinse your whites?

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

Apr 6th, '17, 15:05
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Re: Do you normally rinse your whites?

by abnyc » Apr 6th, '17, 15:05

The wrote: @alex
which vendor independently tests his teas for pesticides?
Alex wrote:I don't but I buy my tea from a vendor that independently tests the teas for pesticides.
Yunnan Sourcing does, I think...

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Apr 6th, '17, 15:24
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Re: Do you normally rinse your whites?

by dizzo » Apr 6th, '17, 15:24

hmmm. I have always rinsed all my tea.....
Perhaps I shouldnt

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Apr 6th, '17, 22:12
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Re: Do you normally rinse your whites?

by chrl42 » Apr 6th, '17, 22:12

jayinhk wrote: A quick rinse will indeed remove surface contaminants, including much pesticide residue. You definitely want to wash anything consumable coming out of China whenever possible. I rinse white, yellow and green once and pu twice.

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Apr 9th, '17, 09:03
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Re: Do you normally rinse your whites?

by William » Apr 9th, '17, 09:03

Savoring some silver needle from Fuding, even if it's late luckily for me I don't have any sleeping issue.
This is such an ethereal tea, somehow it always reminds me of those big white clouds during summer days .. :lol:

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May 3rd, '17, 21:43
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Re: Do you normally rinse your whites?

by janet11 » May 3rd, '17, 21:43

Preparing tea is a complicated process, such as tea ceremony, the first pass is to be drained of water, tea known as the wash. After the step of making tea, the leaf curled up. And the first pass can let the leaf spread out, which the flavor of tea brewing will spill out.

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