White Tea Bud ?

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

Nov 19th 11 4:21 pm
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White Tea Bud ?

by Empty Cup » Nov 19th 11 4:21 pm

This "White Tea Bud" looks interesting to me and I'm thinking of buying some in near future. I'd be grateful if someone could share his/hers experience with this one.

http://www.ebay.com/itm/White-Tea-Bud-T ... 9156wt_972

Apr 13th 12 9:02 am
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Re: White Tea Bud ?

by chrisd » Apr 13th 12 9:02 am

I would also like some information on this tea as well. I have been buying it locally from a tea shop and it is a decent tea.

From what I can gather it is not actually camillia senesis, but rather a wild varietal of tea. It is sometimes classified as pu erh and sometimes as white tea.

This raises the question to me on it's health benefits and antioxidant levels. Is is a healthy tea, or just an infusable random tea varietal? Is this a good tea to drink daily, or would it be wiser to add a different white tea to a daily diet?

Any experts please shed some light on this tea

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Apr 13th 12 10:03 pm
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Re: White Tea Bud ?

by debunix » Apr 13th 12 10:03 pm

It's being discussed in another topic right now, and has been discussed several times before in similar depth.