Tai Mu Ye Sheng White Tea

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

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Feb 6th 12 10:54 pm
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Tai Mu Ye Sheng White Tea

by teaisme » Feb 6th 12 10:54 pm

Thought I would share a recent nice find.
Tai Mu Ye Sheng White Tea from Jing tea shop.

Though my experiences with white teas have been limited (6 or so different silver needles, 2 different white peony), I will say this is the best white I have had by far.

Initially I was aware of the qualities that this tea had, but not fully appreciative of them. I was chasing the lush and intense sweetness of a silver needle. Looking out for the incredible fruitiness of a white peony. This tea had neither (besides in the aroma). I was a little disappointed.

The more I drank it, the more I began to see that this tea is a special white indeed. It's sweet, but not in your face sweet. Balanced maybe yes? Goes down effortlessly, absorbs so easily into me, I forget which infusion is which, what number I am on. My body retains much more of it, and I can drink a lot more before I feel 'done'. Endurance is also very good. Not nearly as thin as any white I have tried. Changed my view of whites and I think this tea suits my constitution very well (other whites seemed not to). Is this because of healthier older bushes? Or because the trees were abandoned for a brief period and not over harvested? It is darker both leaf and liqour, so perhaps it was the extended processing. Maybe all I don't know. I can picture myself drinking this frequently and comfortably though. Also looks beautiful, both dry leaf and wet leaf.

Give it a whirl $10 for a 50g sample is worth it! Use hotter water for this one. Though it looks very similar to a darjeeling I would not brew it as such. And packing heavy is not necessary and almost seems counter intuitive for this one. Hope this tea brings you to a good place like it brought me :mrgreen:

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Feb 8th 12 7:43 pm
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Re: Tai Mu Ye Sheng White Tea

by Chip » Feb 8th 12 7:43 pm

Thanks for the enticing review! I will have to check it out on Jing's site.