White Peony and Ingenuitea

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

Nov 7th, '12, 14:02
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White Peony and Ingenuitea

by parislexi » Nov 7th, '12, 14:02

Those of you who have successfully brewed your White Peony tea in
your Ingenuitea from Adagio - how much tea per 6 or 8 oz cup did you use, at what setting on your Ingenuitea, and for how long for 1st & 2nd (if applicable) steeps did you use?

Just got the Ingenuitea and used 1 tablespoon for 8 oz cup @ 3 mins for my
White Peony and didn't taste like much (to me, anyway).


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Nov 7th, '12, 14:19
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Re: White Peony and Ingenuitea

by Chip » Nov 7th, '12, 14:19

Definitely need more leaf for this fluffy tea. You can easily double or maybe triple the amount.

You can also use less water in order to increase your ratio.

Or a combination of the two changes.

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