Brewing Yabao?

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

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Feb 15th, '13, 19:51
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Brewing Yabao?

by Joel Byron » Feb 15th, '13, 19:51

I've got a little bit left of some Yabao white tea and I'd like to experiment with the brewing parameters. I've seen wildly different methods on forums. Anyone got any advice?

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Feb 16th, '13, 05:48
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Re: Brewing Yabao?

by » Feb 16th, '13, 05:48

yeah. my method.

few grams
1st brew 90 degrees 1,5 min
2nd brew 98 degrees 3 min
3rd brew 98 degrees 6 min

Ya Bao its weird for me. a pine needles...but sometimes i like drink it.

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Feb 16th, '13, 10:32
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Brewing Yabao?

by Jspigs » Feb 16th, '13, 10:32

I have found yabao to respond favorably to any brewing condition. I literally have been unable to brew it poorly. One time I tried boiling it for 15 minutes give or take and it still tasted great. This teas resilience puzzles me greatly. I have found it to respond best when brewed like the average white tea.

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