Fermenting Cooked White Tea?

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

Sep 2nd 14 3:35 am
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Fermenting Cooked White Tea?

by Dryicefox » Sep 2nd 14 3:35 am

If this happens with every tea, could I get a moderator to move it there? I have only experienced such with white tea and never black tea.

Okei, so get this kind of enigma that washes over me when I make my Adagio brand, Blueberry White Tea, and fall asleep before finishing it. (It might be just the blend or brand, so I just put the entire description down.)

I sometimes make a pot of tea, Blueberry White, that I cannot possibly drink before I fall asleep as a non-pharmaceutical sedative. I end up going to sleep before the pot is finished and the tea "ferments."

The tea becomes noticeably stronger. So strong in fact, that its vigor is that of a black tea. It's heavy in flavor, not bitter, and utterly sweet. Can anyone explain this recurring phenomenon?

Feel free to ask questions, this might not have been the best description of what is happening.

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Sep 2nd 14 6:31 pm
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Re: Fermenting Cooked White Tea?

by Evan Draper » Sep 2nd 14 6:31 pm

I presume you mean that the tea continues to steep and the brew continues to oxidize. Even if the leaves have been removed from contact with the water, the brew and small leaf particles that passed through the filter continue to darken in contact with oxygen.