My grandma and white tea

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

Jun 17th, '05, 17:04

My grandma and white tea

by Christina » Jun 17th, '05, 17:04

I am giving my grandma some loose white tea. I was wondering if anyone knew a good web site or something I could print out for her viewing the benefits of white tea... thanks!!

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Jun 17th, '05, 17:58
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White Tea

by ilya » Jun 17th, '05, 17:58


I'm not sure we can bring any more attention to the the Adagio Teas logo on the top right of the site without 1: making it red 2: making it bold or 3: animating it. Although the marketting person would appreciate this, our designer would storm out.

But seriously, you can find info on the white teas that Adagio sells, as well as these two health articles about white teas here:

An even more potent anti-cancer quality
White tea helps fight viruses and bacteria

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