White Needle tea question

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

Oct 21st 21 3:59 am
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White Needle tea question

by trimis » Oct 21st 21 3:59 am

I have started drinking this sort of loose leaf white tea I got off eBay for the health benefit. Anyone know how many times I can reuse it before the medicinal quality is exhausted? So far I have steeped the leaves five times with no loss of flavor, but I am not drinking it for the flavor.

Oct 21st 21 3:17 pm
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Re: White Needle tea question

by AlexPhilip » Oct 21st 21 3:17 pm

My suggestion is to always brew white teas at 100 ° Celsius if you want it to retain its medical quantity for long. If you have a quality white tea, it should not become bitter even if you forget it and let it steep for long time... If white tea tastes like water to you I don't think it's your taste buds, it must be something about the preparation. A good white tea has a lot of taste and should give you multiple infusions. Most tea vendors give brewing temperatures around 80 ° Celsius, don't follow this suggestion please. Try it out.