Your favorite white tea?

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

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Oct 30th, '08, 13:47
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by TeaCompulsion » Oct 30th, '08, 13:47

I've only had one white so far; the white assam from Teasource. It was the first floral-tasting tea I'd had that I didn't hate.

In my experience with it, the light floral flavor and aroma dominates the first infusion, with sweet and nutty flavors underneath. I wasn't sure I liked the combination. In the second infusion the floral wasn't overpowering the other flavors so much, making it easier to enjoy the complexity.

I preferred the third infusion, which developed the nutty note most thoroughly. The floral and sweet were still there, but the nutty was really coming through.

I'll probably get more of it and throw out the first infusion.

Dec 8th, '08, 17:07
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by disillusioned » Dec 8th, '08, 17:07

I am also relatively new to white teas but at Teavana we have one called Snow Geisha which is absolutely delicious, and has a very subtle cherry flavor

Dec 22nd, '08, 19:24
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by PaulLev » Dec 22nd, '08, 19:24

My favorite white tea is mutan - details (EDIT by Mod) on his blog.

Jan 11th, '09, 16:20
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by Cecilia » Jan 11th, '09, 16:20

I am a Tea newbie in the 'trying everything' phase, and my absolute favorite tea so far is Rishi's Silver Needle Jasmine White. I'm brewing it at 180 in small batches, and it's just delicious.

Feb 20th, '09, 14:43
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by CJluvsT » Feb 20th, '09, 14:43

I'm a tea newbie too, and my favorite so far is White Tropics. Can't get enough!

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Mar 2nd, '09, 13:06
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by Shelob » Mar 2nd, '09, 13:06

Silver Needles is my Favorite!

I had the priviledge of sharing some Adagio Silver Needles w/ a new TeaFriend yesterday and it was delicious! But not as good as the time I had with my friend. 8)

Mar 2nd, '09, 13:52
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by silvermage2000 » Mar 2nd, '09, 13:52

I must say I like white tea which peach alot. But right now my favorite white is rishis ancient moonlight white. Really want to try their silverneedle though.

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May 6th, '09, 06:39
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by Faramir1976 » May 6th, '09, 06:39

Enjoying a cup of Yin Zhen right now. I find the taste quite light and refreshing. White Peony is more robust (in comparison to Silver Needles).
Both are lovely to savour after a meal.

May 7th, '09, 22:47
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white peony tea

by nickyjoan » May 7th, '09, 22:47

i love white peony tea, i drink almost everyday, i heard it has a lot of benifits to our body, especially to deal with cancer. i don't know whether it is true or not, but i did know it is more natural, because it has not so many processing steps. now, summer is coming, i enjoyed my white peoy tea greatly especially in such hot weather.

May 8th, '09, 04:58
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by teadrake » May 8th, '09, 04:58

I've only tried some recently, but by far my favorite is Snow Buds/Xue Ya. Its... its like a halfway point between asamushi sencha and silver needles, but far more forgiving/easy to brew. I'm sure the difference is more pronounced than I make it sound, but I've been out of asamushi so I can't do a direct comparison :(

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May 8th, '09, 09:11
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by Salsero » May 8th, '09, 09:11

I am drinking a Margaret's Hope Wonder white that is very unspectacular. It is composed entirely of leaf pieces without buds and is quite bland and unexciting.

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Jul 20th, '09, 22:26
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by TeaFanatic » Jul 20th, '09, 22:26

My favorite white tea would have to be the Silver Needle King that I get from a local tea vendor in my area (Kansas City) called Shang Tea. Shang owns his own organic tea farm that is located at the highest elevation in his region in the Fujian Province, and both his silver needle and white peony have won the area competition for best white tea (thus the title king at the end of the name). Everyone should definitely check out his tea: ... -King.html

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Jul 20th, '09, 22:59
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by kymidwife » Jul 20th, '09, 22:59

disillusioned wrote:I am also relatively new to white teas but at Teavana we have one called Snow Geisha which is absolutely delicious, and has a very subtle cherry flavor
I must say... I like flavored teas a bit more than many of the members here, so I'm probably more charitable in my reviews than most would be. When in Teavana, I often sniff different teas for fun. I thought the Snow Geisha smelled divine as I am a cherry freak, so I did buy a couple of oz. a year or two ago. It was not subtle at all to me... brewed up with a massively prominent artificial cherry flavor. I was very disappointed. I ended up blending it with some unflavored white tea at a ratio of about 5:1 and it became much more soft and palatable. I never got the scent out of the tin despite numerous soakings, bleachings, dish washer, sun exposure, baking soda, etc.

So, at the risk of disagreeing with Disillusioned... I don't suggest this one for someone looking for subtle flavor or the ability to actually taste the delicate flavor of a white tea... I suggest picking something else. Adagio's flavored whites are much more natural-tasting, much gentler on flavor.


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Jul 20th, '09, 23:05
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by TIM » Jul 20th, '09, 23:05

My favorite so far is White Peony from the tea gallery. Hands down : )
Just discover that this tea could be age too. What could be better :lol:

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