Storing white tea

White and yellow teas are among the most subtle.

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Dec 3rd, '07, 01:06
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Re: Storing white tea

by Satine » Dec 3rd, '07, 01:06

Trey Winston wrote:What is the best way to store white tea? The tea I bought came in two clear plastic bags, but I recall reading that white tea should be kept in a dark place.

How do you store your white tea? Are tins the best way to store it? Plastic? Metal?
I store mine in air-tight tins that don't let air or light in. My tins have a rubber seal on the top in addition to being tins. I believe tea can last at least a year in the right container... but like Olive Oil can go rancid, tea can obviously go stale... so, I'd keep it out of light and I wouldn't let it get hit by oxygen too often.

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