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Mar 9th, '08, 19:40
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Best place to buy high end yellow tea? (online)

by trent » Mar 9th, '08, 19:40

Where is the best place to buy high end yellow tea online?

Mar 9th, '08, 20:47
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by Pentox » Mar 9th, '08, 20:47

I got some from SevenCups, but I have only had some from there so it's a bit hard to say if it's the best or not or if it's high end.

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Mar 9th, '08, 22:07
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by ABx » Mar 9th, '08, 22:07

TeaSpring is the best that I know of. They're the only one I've found that has the real jun shan yin zhen yellow tea.

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Mar 10th, '08, 09:52
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by hop_goblin » Mar 10th, '08, 09:52

Dragon Tea House on Ebay has 3 different yellow teas to choose from - Huo Shan Huang Ya, Meng Ding Huang Ya , Meng Ding Shi Hua which are reasonably priced.

May 19th, '08, 12:59
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by Scutworker » May 19th, '08, 12:59

Try this people from the UK:

I've never bought yellow tea from them before, but their other teas are superb.

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Jun 9th, '08, 14:32
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by towerofdabble » Jun 9th, '08, 14:32

I found this Pre-Qing Ming Meng Ding Huang Ya from to be excellent.

Sep 5th, '15, 09:53
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Re: Best place to buy high end yellow tea? (online)

by Badi » Sep 5th, '15, 09:53


Does exist company of China which shipping yellow tea for free, or
do that for small amount of money?


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Sep 5th, '15, 10:47
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Re: Best place to buy high end yellow tea? (online)

by debunix » Sep 5th, '15, 10:47

Seconding the suggestion for JingTeaShop's version--I loved the yellow tea I got from them.

Sep 5th, '15, 12:07
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Re: Best place to buy high end yellow tea? (online)

by John Li » Sep 5th, '15, 12:07

Last time, I bought Huo Shan Huang Ya yellow tea here and I like it, moreover there are 3 grades of Huo Shan Huang Ya and you can choose which you like more.

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