Is Wine Tasting BS? Economist Article

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May 12th, '17, 19:27
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Is Wine Tasting BS? Economist Article

by joelbct » May 12th, '17, 19:27

An old HS Classmate of mine wrote this piece. ... ing-spires

Of course I read it from a tea perspective. Whether or not wine connoisseurship is mumbo jumbo, I am quite certain tea connoisseurship is legit ;)
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May 14th, '17, 03:59
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Re: Is Wine Tasting BS? Economist Article

by chrl42 » May 14th, '17, 03:59

Individuals often do mistake, I believe no different in chinese system though, it seems they value a lot on 'statistics', this way 1.3 billion people with 5000 yrs of history can sparkle, so many records and opinions, and economy move along with it, it's like seems vulnerable but actually quite accurate...

A friend of mine who sells puerh told me, in puerh, the price never lie, a new comer comes to china and often under-estimate its how closed-off china is, how many frauds etc..this type usually ends up shaking his/her head..with no luck or rdy to go home.. I've seen lots of cases..

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