Go / Weiqi: Anybody play?

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May 9th, '13, 15:58
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Re: Go / Weiqi: Anybody play?

by MEversbergII » May 9th, '13, 15:58

I've dabbled in the game, but am pretty bad. About a year ago I spent some time on GoBase doing their daily problems, but a large number of them seemed to have no answer (that is, clicking any point results in "wrong" - very useful :roll: ).

I've been thinking about ordering a Go board and playing to muck about with. I haven't had good play opportunities in the past, but I roll with a different crowed now.


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May 9th, '13, 20:38
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Re: Go / Weiqi: Anybody play?

by Keiki » May 9th, '13, 20:38

haha I feel your pain on the GoBase problems :lol:
some people say it's best to play without seeing any answers, so maybe you're lucky :)

Getting a go board and reviewing / memorizing (first 50~100 plays) some games (Takemiya Masaki ones... I am such a takemiya fanboy haha) got me from 15k to 10k I think, definitely buy one! It's such a pleasure to have a beautiful Goban and drink tea while immersing yourself in the game, feeling the stones and the teacup on your hand :mrgreen:

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